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Cerro Matoso: Expansion Project Conveyors



Year Commissioned:


Notable Features:

The expansion project involves a one-line expansion to the existing Cerro Matoso nickel processing facility.

System Description:

The expansion project consists of twelve belt conveyors, eight complete belt feeders and one complete steep-angle beltwall conveyor. Nine of the twelve belt conveyors transport nickel laterite ore. The lengths of the conveyors range from 8 metres to 432 metres. The two longest conveyors receive tertiary crushed ore along a 300m feed zone from stockpiles reclaimed from two Krupp Robins bridge reclaimers.

Five of the belt feeders are 54" and transport nickel laterite ore. The remaining 3 feeders are 30". Two are designed to meter coal onto an ore belt and the third transports wetted mixed dust. All but the wetted mixed dust feeder are VFD controlled.

The steep-angled beltwall conveyor transports extruded green dust pellets along a 6 meter horizontal section, a 12 meter vertical section and then a 9 meter horizontal section where it discharges the material onto one of the belt conveyors.

Technical Data:

Number of conveyors - 13

Material - Nickel laterite ore, coal, granulated slag and extruded green dust pellets

Conveyor Length - 8 metres to 432 metres

Lift of System - 1 to 20 metres

Design Capacity - 14 to 880 tonnes per hour

Belt Speed - 0.11 m/s to 2.3 m/s

Conveyor Width - 762mm to 1219mm

Installed Motor Power - 3.7 kW to 74.6 kW



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